Gift Ideas for the Person Who Has Everything

Gift Ideas for the Person Who Has Everything

How many times have you heard “Don’t get me anything, I am fine.” when you are trying to get a gift for somebody? This site offers excellent answers to those gift dilemmas.

We all have those hard to buy for people. People who either have everything they want, or who have downsized and do not need any more “Junk”. It is very hard to know what to get somebody for their Birthday or Christmas when they tell you not to worry about getting them anything. True, sometimes you really should not get them anything, but other times you want to make a gesture. Here are some ideas for those hard to buy for people in your life. Many suggestions are Environmentally Friendly as indicated by “GREEN”.

  1. Name a Star after them. Your local planetarium, or an Astronomy magazine will have the information you need to do this. People will receive a certificate and documentation on how to find the star in the sky. GREEN
  2. Make a Donation to a LOCAL Charity in their name. Such Charities include a Food Bank, Animal Shelter, or Womens Shelter. Pick one that is dear to the persons heart. Give them a card to say a donation was made in their name. It is important to do this locally, as generally the smaller charities use more of the money for the cause, rather than for administration. GREEN
  3. “Adopt a Polar Bear” or other animal in their name. You can often do this at your local Zoo, where you can actually see the animal you have adopted for them. Or you can look into adopting animals who are still in the wild. Some Botanical gardens have “Adopt a Tree” programs. GREEN
  4. Gift Certificates for either their favorite restaurant, or a new one you think they will like. This allows them to enjoy a night out, and perhaps try something new. You can combine this with tickets to a show to make a full nights entertainment. GREEN
  5. A music lover will enjoy a gift card for music down loads. GREEN
  6. Take them somewhere nice, a Park, plan a day together. A drive in the country, sometimes people do not need things to make them happy, they just want TIME. A bike ride. GREENISH (depending on use of car or not)
  7. Put together a photo album or photo disk of treasured memories. The gift of sentiment is something they can always treasure.
  8. Buy them something truly useful, a Calendar, a platter of food or favorite snacks, a bag of organically grown coffee, or whatever you can think of.
  9. Upgrade something they have. This means you have to pay attention to them, if they have something that just isn’t up to par, or is old, you can replace it or upgrade it to make life slightly easier for them.
  10. Give the Gift of Clean! Not too many people actually enjoy cleaning, so hire them a maid for a day, or a personal organizer, or even a caterer to make dinners for the week. Have their driveway and sidewalk shovelled. Or you can even do it yourself, pitch in and clean their home for them.
  11. Have their car cleaned and detailed. A simple gift that will be appreciated.
  12. The Gift of Pampering. A certificate for trip to the Spa, manicure, pedicure, hair, massage, or what ever they like. As an added benefit, you can plan this as a “time together” and enjoy a treat yourself.
  13. For the Pet owner, maybe they don’t need anything, but there might be something you can for their beloved pet. Honeysuckle toys for cats, natural treats for a dog, or a bag of organic carrots for the rabbit or horse.
  14. A lottery ticket. Of course you should not expect a share of the winnings if your recipient does win, so only give a ticket to people whom you would genuinely like to see win big instead of yourself.
  15. A plant for their garden or an indoor house plant… Something different, like a fruit tree or unusual flower. This is only good if the person likes plants and has room for one more. Live plants are generally much better than cut flowers because they live longer. GREEN


  • Pets. It is very unfair to the pet, many gift pets are not kept. It is also unfair to the recipient to get a pet as a surprise gift. If this person has been asking for a pet, you can give them a certificate to an animal shelter to pick out their own pet. It is easier to bond with a pet you have selected for yourself.
  • Cash. If a person said they do not want any gift, and you give them cash, its a bit of an insult.
  • Donations for a cause YOU believe in. This is a gift for them, if they don’t believe in a certain charity or cause, it is rude to donate money in their name to that cause. Find one THEY believe in, and donate to that.
  • Gag gifts. These are a waste of your money, and contribute to needless destruction of the planet. There is no point buying something that will end up in the trash, or result in sore feelings, if the person wants nothing and you give then a gag gift it is a huge insult.

Finally – if you know the person well enough to know they truly do not want ANYTHING, and know there is nothing on this list you can give them, then please honor their wishes, and give them the gift of nothing.



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