What Art Means to Me

What Art Means to Me

To me, art is not just a pretty picture, nor is it something produced only to be disgusting. Art is the work of an artist who pours his or her soul onto the paper, or canvas.

I am an artist, I take art very seriously. For me art goes beyond a “pretty picture” or something to match the sofa. There are many people who paint pretty pictures, there are many artists who pour their soul out in a strong desire to express something more. I believe art should have meaning, it should convey a message. This message can be the transfer of information, ideas, or emotions.

I am including photographs of my own art, and using them as examples of my art philosophy. For me personally, cutting down a tree, so a person can draw, or picture of a tree, is ridiculous. Although I love painting and drawing, I try to be careful about what I do as an artist, and what message it conveys. This is not only what art means to me, but what “Good Art” means to me.

Pen and Ink Drawing “Emerald Toucanette”


Image Source

This sketch is an homage to turn of the century explorers, and particularly those who documented the new animals they found through drawings. These studies had a immediacy about them for the time, akin to modern video. They were gritty and pristine at the same time. This is an example of how art can transfer information. By doing these relatively quick drawings, an artist is able to build their rendering skills. Without a solid foundation on form and structure, a person can not adequately do other forms of art, including abstract.

Pen and Ink Drawing “Will Work for Soul”

Image Source

This sketched is based on a quote from G. I. Gurdjieff’s concept that humans are not born with a soul, but are robots in search of a soul. It is a fantasy piece, being used to convey a concept. Art that conveys deep spiritual,or psychological ideas, through fantasy or pop culture icons, helps people to digest those ideas on a more intrinsic level. In this piece, the ideas of a mystic like Gurdjieff might be exposed to people whom might not otherwise be reached. My belief is that a good portion of art will convey deeper messages, other than “Oh, what a pretty flower!”. Although to back track on that, many artists paint flowers in such a way that they portray a sense of spirituality, the works of Georgia O’Keeffe, or Van Gogh, for example.

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roberto sardelli, posted this comment on Aug 6th, 2008

great art, excellent job, well done

mannyrich, posted this comment on Aug 6th, 2008

you are very outstanding. keep the pen dancing.

Glynis Smy, posted this comment on Aug 6th, 2008

wonderful work! I love the fact that you see art in everything, I am not an artist but have my own idea of what I like and it isn’t always by the famous, I like your work.

tonisan60, posted this comment on Aug 6th, 2008

I agree with you, art without message is usless.
My claps for your great article and for your very nice pictures, you really are an artist, one of the greatest I had ever seen

Ruby Hawk, posted this comment on Aug 6th, 2008

Thank you for the interesting educational article. I am not a trained artist but I enjoy painting and it is so uplifting when you feel you have expressed yourself well through your art.

nobert bermosa, posted this comment on Aug 6th, 2008

great stuff,a truly enjoyable read,thanks

B Nelson, posted this comment on Aug 6th, 2008

Nice article, I agree messages in art are important, but find some people get too obscure in their attempt to be “Arty”, I refer to the people who throw tampons in a pile and call it “art”. That isnt art. Art needs to have some value to it.

William F. Torpey, posted this comment on Aug 8th, 2008

I’m a writer, not an artist. I’m not one who has a great appreciation for “the arts.” but I know what I like when I see it. Your work is interesting. I like it.

Tom Wirt, posted this comment on Aug 9th, 2008

Very interesting and informative essay, and your pictures are great, too! I enjoyed both very much.

B Nelson, posted this comment on Aug 11th, 2008

I want to add to my earlier opinion. Dogs kept starving in a room, is NOT art. I was disgusted by the “artist” who did this and any “patrons”, it has been debated if the dog really did die or not, but to me it is irrelevant. it was SICK!

Deanda , posted this comment on Aug 12th, 2008

If Wal Mart sells it – it probably isnt Art

R J Evans, posted this comment on Aug 16th, 2008

Great article – thanks for sharing!

kondo san, posted this comment on Aug 20th, 2010

best ever good job

Patoriku, posted this comment on Mar 6th, 2012

wow dude, good job

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